HKNL - Mens' Division 2017


2017 Champions - 9 Jai.  Thank you to Champions System who will sponsor their playing top for 2018 season.

Final placing and MVPs:

1st: 9Jai (Leung Chi Fai)

2nd: OMG (Wong Ho Lun)

3rd: Unknown (Cheung Wai Shun)

4th: EdUHK (Luk Sin Yu)

5th: Hantang (Wong Wai Lun)

6th : HKU (Boris J.T. Lai)

7th: Last But Not Least (Lo Chun Kit)


Play-off Finals (20 August 2017)

1st/2nd: 9Jai 36 def OMG 35

3rd/4th: Unknown 36 def EdUHK 26

5th/6th: Hantang def HKU (forfeit)

Pre-Lims Finals (13 August 2017)

Hantang 36 def Last But Not Least 29

EdUHK 48 vs HKU 43

9 Jai 56 def Unknown 39

PRELIMINARY FINALS at Ap Lei Chau Sports Centre

Sunday 13 August

11:30am              Hantang (6th) vs Last BNL (7th)

1pm                     HKU (4th) vs EdUHK (5th)

2:30pm                 Unknown (2nd) vs 9Jai (3rd)

        OMG (1st) = BYE



Link to video playlist on HKNA youtube channel :



2017 Fixtures here

HKNL-Men's Division 2017 BY-LAWS

Player's Disclaimer Form [WORD] [PDF]


Competition Dates:


Week 1: 18 June 2 to 8pm Tai Kok Tsui SC (1 court)
Week 2: 25 June 10am to 3pm Tai Kok Tsui SC (1 court)

Week 3:  9 July 10am to 1pm HK Park SC (2 courts)
Week 4:  16 July 10am to 1pm HK Park SC (2 courts)
Week 5:  30 July 10am to 1pm HK Park SC (2 courts)
Week 6:  13 August 2pm to 6pm Ap Lei Chau SC (1 court)
Week 7:  20 August 10am to 1pm HK Park SC (2 courts)



$450 Player's Fees   ($250 for Aged 21 or below, born in 1996 or after).

$200 Team Fee

$400 Team Deposit (Returned after fines at the end of the season to payee)


$600 Team Umpiring Level (Optional**) If teams cannot provide a qualified umpire to do their umpiring duties.


Teams will be limited to 15 active registrations only during the season, only a maximum of 12 players will be allowed to play in one match.


For teams wishing to participate, you must complete PART 1 (instructions below) first.  Once your team is accepted, then you will be given instructions for Part 2 to register your players online.



Part I: Submit Team Registration and Payment to HKNA (Form B + Payment)


Teams who would like to participate in the HK Netball League - Men's Division 2017 MUST complete the Form B using the attached Excel File and send via email in Excel file format to BOTH and no later than 5pm 2 June 2017. Entries will be accepted onto a first-come-first-serve basis and limited to 8 teams only.  Please note that there MUST be a minimum of TEN players on the team list for the Team Registration to be successful.

Team fees must be paid directly to HKNA – we only accept payment via

1. ATM

2. Online Transfer (all bank charges should be paid by transferer)

To HSBC A/C 411-811375-001 Hong Kong Netball Association Limited


Please note the Team FEE payment account is DIFFERENT to the Team Deposit and Players Fee payment account.  Refer to Form B for payment details.


ATM Deposit Slip / Online Transfer reference MUST be emailed to once payment is made.

We will only be able to officially accept teams who have completed the payment process.


Download HKNL - Men's Division Form B


Instructions for Player's registration online will be given to the Team Convenor once your team has successfully being accepted into the competition.

2016 HKNL - Men's Division

2016 Champions: Unknown

     Final ranking:

     1st    Unknown (pictured),

     2nd: OMG,

     3rd:  9Jai,

     4th   HKU,

     5th:  EduHK,

     6th   HKUST.


    MVPs for each team:

    Unknown : Lau Hung Kei

    OMG      : Wong Ho Lun

    9 Jai       : Heung Sau Yin

    HKU       : Lau Hung Kwan

    EduHK   : Wong Wing Ho

    HKUST   : Lo Chun Kit



Fixtures in PDF


HKNL - Men's Division BY - LAWS


Remember we will be using the new rules for the 2016 HKNL - Men's Division games.  Here are some links to helpyou familiarise with the new rules.

 Take time to have a look... it's very detailed!
1) What's New in the Rules of Netball Introduction Match Procedures Starting Play   
2) What's New in the Rules of Netball Sanctions and Conditions for the Penalty Pass   

3) What's New in the Rules of Netball During a Match          

4) What's New in the Rules of Netball Match Personnel and Game Management 

5) What's New in the Rules of Netball Umpire's Hand Signals

6) What's New in the Rules of Netball Conclusion