A date will be established and published for each competition, which will represent a ‘stop/go’ decision on whether the tournament, or league round, will take place.

Tournaments: if a tournament is cancelled, refunds for entry fees will be offered in full.

League: if a particular round, or several rounds, are unable to take place as scheduled/ intended, then the respective league convenor / Person-in-charge, together with the HKNA Executive Council, will consider how best to deliver league activity, and whether any change to format is required.

It is anticipated that activity will be restricted to the remaining published league dates, but may be extended subject to venue availability. 

In principle, a proportional refund of entry fees and/or player registration fees will be offered, relative to the proportion of activity able to take place (eg number of games/rounds). 

HKNA ExCom will reserve the right to withhold a small administration fee to maintain the overall financial viability of HKNA, if required.


Training Programmes

If, owing to any unforeseen circumstances, such as COVID-19, venue closures, etc., refund conditions will be as follows:

  1. i) If the whole training programme are cancelled refunds for enrolment fees will be offered in full.
  2. ii) If any of the sessions of the training programme has taken place before the cancellation occurred, then a proportional refund of the enrolment fees will be offered, relative to the proportion of activity able to take place.