By-Laws Update – Hong Kong Netball League

Updates on the Uniforms Section:


a. New teams must submit their proposed uniform and colours on Form A to the HKNA Committee for approval at team registration. No team may have a uniform similar to the Hong Kong National Team, the colour combinations of which are dark navy/white and red/white.

b. All players in a team must be in same registered uniform which may be a dress or another form of sports uniform, e.g., singlet and shorts (all shorts must be pocketless).

c. Subject to the exceptions below, players may not wear extra items that are not part of the basic playing uniform, e.g., gloves, tracksuit pants. Umpires will ask players to remove any extra items before taking the court.

d. Players may wear (1) bikepants (above the knee) under their uniform; (2) extra clothing items upon presentation of a medical certificate as long as such items do not present an injury risk to other players; and (3) long tight-fitting athletic garments under their uniform when playing outside in cold conditions or if required for religious purposes. Bikepants and long tight-fitting athletic garments should either be entirely black or entirely the predominant colour of the uniform. 

e. Subject to the By-Laws, players not in the same registered team uniform will not be able to take the court. Where a team has an alternate uniform registered, all players must wear the same predominant-coloured registered uniform to take the court.

f. A team has until the fourth round of the competition to ensure all players have the correct uniform. The League Convenor may grant an extension of time to clubs/teams upon receipt of a request in advance of the fourth round stating clearly the reason for the extension and a date by which teams will be in correct uniform.

g. The penalty for the team not playing in the correct uniform after the third round is a 1-point loss per match.

Hong Kong Netball League By-Laws (Jan 2021 Update)