Hong Kong Men’s Invitational Tri-Nations Netball Tournament – Day 3

Final day (19th JAN) of the inaugural Hong Kong Men’s Invitational Tri-Nations Netball Tournament 2020 saw Hong Kong stayed undefeated and took the championship, while Malaysia took second and Singapore took third.

Bronze Final: Singapore 47-21 Hong Kong Invitational

Singapore controlled the pace from the get-go, by using steady and short passes up and down the court. Hong Kong Invitationals’ defense was often aggressive, but they made mistakes so spaces were opened up for the opponents. Singapore led by 13-4 after the first quarter.

In the second quarter, the Hong Kong Invitationals, which comprised of the wider selection squad, created more shooting opportunities after some substitutions in the front court. But the lack of accuracy meant they couldn’t greatly reduce the gap on the scoreboard. Their GD Anthony Bykerk became more active on the defensive side, making numerous disruptions on Singapore’s passes. Singapore led 23-11 at half-time.

Singapore began to put more defensive pressure from the second half, forced more turnovers, and thus increased the lead. Final score, Singapore won by 47-21, and took bronze.

Final: Hong Kong 39-30 Malaysia

The game started with less physical contact compared to yesterday’s clash between the two teams, but the pace was very quick nonetheless. Hong Kong’s passing was comparatively smoother, while Malaysia’s offence was relatively chaotic. Malaysia relied on big man GS Nazrul Arifin to do the scoring, while Hong Kong’s GA Lau Hung Kei was shooting accurately even with the longer shots. Hong Kong led 8-6 after the first period.

In the second quarter, Hong Kong sent out the twin towers, GS Boris Lai and GA Aaron Flugge, to attack. However, it was their defensive partners GD Wong Ho Lun and WD Cheng Hoi Kin who often gained possessions and turned them into shooting opportunities. Hong Kong led 19-13 at half-time.

Hong Kong continued to utilize the twin towers on offence, and got even more effective. Malaysia needed to increase their physicality to defend, but it was still no match. Hong Kong gradually blew the game open, winning the final 39-30. Malaysia took the second place.

DateTimeGame no.Match-up

Day 1


1730FriendlyHong Kong Invitational 17-60 Malaysia
1945Welcoming ceremony
20301Hong Kong 45-35 Singapore

Day 2


12002Malaysia 39-30 Singapore
1400FriendlyHong Kong Invitational 28-49 Hong Kong
1800FriendlySingapore 45-21 Hong Kong Invitational
20003Hong Kong 48-34 Malaysia

Day 3


13004Singapore 47-21 Hong Kong Invitational
15005Hong Kong 39-30 Malaysia
1640Prize presentation and closing ceremony

Please download the tournament photos here (Credit: Panda Man/Takumi Photography):