HKNA will observe all COVID-19 related restrictions imposed by the Hong Kong Government and LCSD. Where restrictions are imposed and updated, HKNA will endeavour to communicate any affected updates to the league within one working day and where necessary (and able) communicate updated fixtures within three working days.


In lieu of restrictions, the following will apply to players, team officials, umpires, umpire supporters, HKNA officials and spectators (hereinafter “Participants”) in HKNA programmes until further notice:


  1. If a Participant has been in close contact* with a confirmed case or any individual who is under mandatory home quarantine, the Participant should not attend HKNA games for 14 days from the date of contact, or the date of the individual’s completion of quarantine (e.g., 24 hours for some pilots/airline crew members), or until the Participant can provide a negative test to HKNA, whichever is earliest.


  1. If a Participant has had close contact with a confirmed or suspected** case at their place of work or residence, they should not attend HKNA games for 14 days from the date of contact, or the suspected case is cleared by the HK Centre for Health Protection, or until the Participant can provide a negative test to HKNA, whichever is earliest.


  1. In lieu of any other restrictions games will go ahead unless:


  • a team cannot field 7 players due to one or both of the above reasons; or
  • an alternative rationale not to play is agreed by HKNA and both teams.


In the event of (a) or (b), games may be counted as a draw or played at a later date as coordinated by the teams involved in accordance with HKNA Bylaws.


Exemptions to (a) and (b) may be applied for through written notice to HKNA, a log of which will be recorded.


  1. Participants may choose to wear masks (surgical or filtered covering only nose and mouth) at their own discretion (in lieu of formal requirements).


For scenarios not covered by the above, Participants shall notify HKNA immediately and seek direction. In case of doubt, Participants are encouraged to err on the side of caution and stand down from games for 14 days or until they can produce a negative test to HKNA.


If booked umpires decline to umpire for COVID-related reasons, teams still need to furnish a replacement umpire. However, where a booked umpire drops out and the team has taken all possible measures to find a qualified replacement, HKNA may exercise leniency as appropriate, e.g., approving a lower qualified umpire as replacement. Teams shall notify HKNA of such situations as soon as possible.


Attendance at team trainings or events is at the discretion of clubs and teams. All clubs and teams are expected to observe government and LCSD restrictions at all times.


HKNA reserves the right to cancel or postpone games to protect Participant safety even if there are no Government or LCSD regulations requiring cancellation or postponement.


* “Close contact”: being within one metre of a person with symptomatic laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 for a period of time (i.e., 15 minutes) without masks.


** “Suspected case”: includes patients under hospitalization or ongoing treatment for COVID-19. It does not include someone who displays flu-like symptoms and has gone to a private clinic for testing. However, anyone who is feeling unwell shall not attend HKNA games regardless of whether their symptoms are related to COVID-19.