LCSD Hong Kong Netball League 2020-21

Hong Kong Netball League 2020-21 (1st Half)

[Last updated 6 November 2020]

The 2020-2021 Ladies Netball League will commence on MONDAY, 2 NOVEMBER 2020. Please find below guidance on certain issues for the first round of games (9 weeks from 2 November 2020 through 11 February 2021). 

League Venues

Games will be played on Monday nights at 7:15pm and 8:30pm or at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm, depending on the venue. Games will be played at Aberdeen outdoor courts (Wong Chuk Hang Recreation Ground), Hong Kong Football Club, Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Sports Centre, Fa Hui outdoor courts or Tai Wan Shan Park Recreation Ground (Whampoa MTR).

The following people may attend games: Players (including substitution players and non-playing, injured team members), two team officials (e.g., coach, one other), umpires (including umpire support), desk duty representatives, HKNA representatives. Spectators are not allowed at indoor or outdoor venues, with the exception that there may be one spectator per under-18 player at outdoor venues only.

The following conditions apply to games played at HKFC:

    1. No spectators allowed.
    2. Everyone must be temperature checked upon arrival at the club.
    3. Only the 14 players on the court and 2 umpires will be allowed to remove their masks.
    4. Substitutions, Team Officials (two allowed), Desk Duty and Umpire Support must wear a mask and sit in groups of maximum 4 with 1.5 metres between them.
    5. Players who had taken the court must sign the official scoresheet as per usual, but ALL substitutions and officials’ full names must also be included on the sheet clearly indicating that they did not take the court.
    6. All umpires, umpire support and desk duty representatives, and HKNA representatives must clearly indicate their full names on the list provided at the desk and ensure it is returned to HKNA for records.
    7. Teams won’t be allowed into the club until the previous teams have left. Immediately after the first game has finished all participants must leave the Sports Hall to allow the second game time to warm up. Stretching and post-game discussions must take place outside the club premises.
    8. Warming up is allowed on the courts only and not in the car park or hallways etc.

HKNA Approved Umpires List 2020-21 (Message from Jenny Chadwick)

2020 – 21 HKNA Approved Umpires List – Please share this with all your umpires

This list will be changed as further team lists come in. As you will see, due to COVID last season, we were unable to do any badging or re-validating. If you are down to be re-validated it is up to YOU to contact me. What is required is for you to re-do the Netball Australia’s Rules of Netball Theory Examination(a fee is required) and for someone to watch you umpire at the league. Contact me and I will try my best to arrange someone to watch you umpire to re-validate you. Try to give me the dates you will be umpiring in advance.

If you would like to see if you are ready for badging, also contact me so we can have a look at you and guide you towards the badge.

If we have a full season we need to get as much re-validating done as possible, so please start thinking about it. You can still umpire before re-validation.  You can contact me if you need any help or guidance.

The umpires on the list who have 3 x Needs Re-validating against their names MUST be re-validated this year or they will be removed from the register.

Netball Singapore also provides an online Theory Exam[Free of Charge] which all of you could take as an opportunity to revise the rules – link, before taking Netball Australia’s Rules of Netball Theory Examination to revalidate.

If you wish to be removed from the register please let me know. It is also possible I have left someone out, so again let me know!

Please contact Jenny Chadwick via email: should you have any enquiries.

Relaxation of certain By-Laws in light of difficulties holding trials

For the first two rounds of the season, registered players may play for a higher team twice and that will not be counted such that on the third match they become part of the higher team, i.e., the By-Laws that provide that on the third match a player moves up to the higher team will only start to apply after the first two rounds. 

All other By-Laws shall apply at all times, including that guest and temporary players may only play for a team that is of their standard or higher and not lower unless with the prior approval of the HKNA League Convenor. 

Any scenario not covered here shall be determined in the sole discretion of the League Convenor and/or the HKNA Executive Council in accordance with the By-Laws or, where not express, in the spirit of the By-Laws and to afford fair and equal treatment to all teams.

Team uniforms

Given that not all clubs have ordered kit this year, the rules around team uniforms are relaxed. The guiding principles for uniforms include that: 

  1. a team may wear similar but not identical dresses as long as they are the same predominant colour;
  2. a team may wear sports clothes instead of dresses as long as they wear the same predominant colour and they wear the same colour singlet bibs (not stick-on bibs);
  3. any team without identical uniforms must contact the opposition to check what colour the latter will wear so as to avoid wearing a similar colour (including bibs); and
  4. where both teams plan to wear a similar colour, the second-named team must adjust to a different colour.

Player registration fees

Player registration fees are due by FRIDAY, 20 NOVEMBER 2020.

Player Registration Fee: (direct transfer to HSBC 178-768966-001)


Ordinary Individual Member: (no increase from the 2019-20 season)

Full Season: HK$1,113
Half Season: HK$670

Ordinary Junior Member (aged 21 or below/born in or after the year 2000) 

Full Season: HK$337
Half Season: HK$219

If games are cancelled due to COVID-19 and we cannot complete two rounds in the 2020-2021 season, the HKNA proportional refund policy will apply.

Captains’ Meeting

The Captains’ Meeting will be held by zoom at 1900 on Tuesday 27th October 2020. 
Details is sent to the team convener and captain.