Men's Invitational Tri-Nations Netball Tournament
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Hong Kong Netball Association

The Hong Kong Netball Association (HKNA) is keen to promote the sport and encourage more local people to experience this fast and exciting game.

​Currently the HKNA is running the “Schools Netball Promotion Programme” which focuses on promotion at Secondary Schools. Netball is also one of the Easy Sport under the Leisure and Cultural Services Department’s “Schools Sports Programme”.

Our Activities

National Squads

Find out more information on the selection criteria and the various national squads.

Training Courses

There are courses for those who are looking to get involved as players, umpires or coaches.

League Information

League schedule and other information for those looking to join or watch

Overseas Competitions

Support our national teams and their overseas competitions

Find A Club

Looking to join a club, find the contacts of the clubs

Get To Sports Centre

Directions for getting to the Sports Centre

Players in Hong Kong
Divisions in Hong Kong and runs from October to April every year
Players on the court. 7 on each side. A team can have up to 12 players available for the game.
minutes quarter. there are 4 quarters in the game with 3 or 5 minutes break in between
Umpires, 2 scorers and 2 timekeepers

Netball Game At a Glance

NETBALL is a fast, skilful team game based on running, jumping, throwing and catching​

The major aim of the game is to score as many goals as is possible from within an area called the Goal Circle

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