Umpire Development with Jacqui Jashari (C and B Badged umpire Only!)

We are very fortunate to have Jacqui Jashari from Netball Australia visiting HK to work with us in December. This is the extremely lucky to have this opportunity, if you wish to continue with your umpiring, this is a great opportunity for you to further your umpiring.

Please go to the following online google form for registration:

DEADLINE for registration: 31 October 2018 6PM (WEDNESDAY)


FULL Course 2 (20 pax) : conducted in ENGLISH

        28th August 2018 (Tuesday) – Theory 7-10pm Olympic House

        30th August 2018 (Thursday) – Practical 7-10pm Aberdeen Outdoors

                Deadline for course 2 : 20th August 2018 ( Monday )

          Umpiring Course 2 Form [WORD] [PDF]



FULL Course 1 (20 pax) : conducted in ENGLISH

        8th August 2018 (Wednesday) – Theory 7-10pm Olympic House

        9th August 2018 (Thursday) – Practical 7-10pm Aberdeen Outdoors

        Umpiring Course 1 Form [WORD] [PDF]


 Course Fee: $200 per person per course (Includes one INF Rule Book)

Fee must be paid with the form to confirm enrolment.

Fees will not be refunded once confirmed or for any absence from the course.

Attendees who do not turn up to the theory or practical parts of the course once confirmed will not be accepted onto any further umpiring courses during the 2018/19 season.

Spaces are available on a First Come First Serve Basis,

Only completed forms together with payment will be entertained

 Full attendance is required for attendance certificate and qualification to umpire in the ladies league

The Asian Netball Federation Umpire Camp 2018

It took place in Singapore from 2 to 5 July 2018, a total of 23 participants from 8 countries have participated in the event, we were very fortunate to be part of it.

We were so grateful to have Maureen Boyle (AUS) to conduct the camp and assisted by Vivian de Silva (SG), Julie Goh (SG) and 6 other Umpire-Coaches from Singapore. The camp was very intensive and fruitful, we started from 9am and practiced till 10pm for the all 4 days. We did an umpiring assessment, fitness test, drills to practice umpiring technique and also rules discussion during the camp.

A lot of useful and individual comments were given to us during the practices on umpiring in the high-level games which were Singapore National League, Primary National Tournament and the School Girls Netball Carnival.

It is an amazing experience for us to learn and explore umpiring in different levels and they have guided us how to be a better umpire. We are very glad to be in this experience.

by Regina Wong and Tang Kwan Yee

Umpiring Development Tour to Perth - July 2018

HKNA are pleased to report on a successful trip to Netball WA in Perth by two umpires, Emma Gregory and Khan Murray, along with two umpire coaches, Jenny Chadwick and Tracy Skipp.

This trip is the first collaboration project between Netball WA, Netball Australia and HKNA under the recently signed MOU between the three parties.

HKNA are committed to the development of Hong Kong umpires and are delighted to be given the opportunity for Emma, Khan, Jenny and Tracy to not only experience different standards of netball but also work under with some very experienced umpire coaches, including national umpire coach Jacqui Jashari. Great progress has been made by all involved and everyone looks forward to the continued progression of all Hong Kong umpires.

Thank you to Netball WA for their wonderful hospitality and support for our umpires. We hope to be back again in the near future.

Related Attachments:

- INF Changes Summary

- Instructions for Online Exam

- Match Protocols for Umpires

- New Rules changes in details

- What's New with the new rules?  Pamphlet from INF

Dear Captains, Convenors, Coaches, Teachers, Umpires and Players,

As many of you already know, some NEW NETBALL RULES were introduced in January, which come into action in Asia soon. We are going to start implementing the new rules for the Men's League and then from September 2016, all netball competitions will follow the new rules. Please do not be unduly alarmed, much of the game has remained the same, BUT there are some changes which will affect umpires, players and coaches. 

I am attaching links to some videos which will help you understand the changes. Please take your time to watch them. 

1) What's New in the Rules of Netball Introduction Match Procedures Starting Play 

2) What's New in the Rules of Netball Sanctions and Conditions for the Penalty Pass 

3) What's New in the Rules of Netball During a Match 

4) What's New in the Rules of Netball Match Personnel and Game Management 

5) What's New in the Rules of Netball Umpire's Hand Signals 

6) What's New in the Rules of Netball Conclusion 

I am also attaching some written variations of the new rules. 

I urge all the community to read through the notes and watch all the videos to understand the rule changes. 

ALL UMPIRES will be required to re-do the online theory test on Netball Australia, to qualify to umpire. If you have taken this since January of this year, you do NOT need to take it again. Results must be sent through to HKNA for your name to appear on the Approved Umpires' List. I am attaching instructions as to how to do this. 

A question and answer session will be held before the AGM in June and umpires will be able to practise during the Men's league, which starts in July. 

Badged umpires will meet prior to the start of the Men's League to have a more in-depth discussion. Venue and date tbc. 

A practical session will be held on a Monday in September before the start of the 2016-17 season for demonstration games with voluntary players and umpires to practise the new rules. Again date and venue tbc. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 

Kind regards, 
Jenny Chadwick 
Umpire Convener 


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