Download Umpiring Course 2 Form [WORD] [PDF]


Course 2 (20 pax) : conducted in ENGLISH

        28th August 2018 (Tuesday) – Theory 7-10pm Olympic House

        30th August 2018 (Thursday) – Practical 7-10pm Aberdeen Outdoors

                Deadline for course 2 : 20th August 2018 ( Monday )



FULL Course 1 (20 pax) : conducted in ENGLISH

        8th August 2018 (Wednesday) – Theory 7-10pm Olympic House

        9th August 2018 (Thursday) – Practical 7-10pm Aberdeen Outdoors

        Umpiring Course 1 Form [WORD] [PDF]


 Course Fee: $200 per person per course (Includes one INF Rule Book)

Fee must be paid with the form to confirm enrolment.

Fees will not be refunded once confirmed or for any absence from the course.

Attendees who do not turn up to the theory or practical parts of the course once confirmed will not be accepted onto any further umpiring courses during the 2018/19 season.

Spaces are available on a First Come First Serve Basis,

Only completed forms together with payment will be entertained

 Full attendance is required for attendance certificate and qualification to umpire in the ladies league


Related Attachments:

- INF Changes Summary

- Instructions for Online Exam

- Match Protocols for Umpires

- New Rules changes in details

- What's New with the new rules?  Pamphlet from INF

Dear Captains, Convenors, Coaches, Teachers, Umpires and Players,

As many of you already know, some NEW NETBALL RULES were introduced in January, which come into action in Asia soon. We are going to start implementing the new rules for the Men's League and then from September 2016, all netball competitions will follow the new rules. Please do not be unduly alarmed, much of the game has remained the same, BUT there are some changes which will affect umpires, players and coaches. 

I am attaching links to some videos which will help you understand the changes. Please take your time to watch them. 

1) What's New in the Rules of Netball Introduction Match Procedures Starting Play 

2) What's New in the Rules of Netball Sanctions and Conditions for the Penalty Pass 

3) What's New in the Rules of Netball During a Match 

4) What's New in the Rules of Netball Match Personnel and Game Management 

5) What's New in the Rules of Netball Umpire's Hand Signals 

6) What's New in the Rules of Netball Conclusion 

I am also attaching some written variations of the new rules. 

I urge all the community to read through the notes and watch all the videos to understand the rule changes. 

ALL UMPIRES will be required to re-do the online theory test on Netball Australia, to qualify to umpire. If you have taken this since January of this year, you do NOT need to take it again. Results must be sent through to HKNA for your name to appear on the Approved Umpires' List. I am attaching instructions as to how to do this. 

A question and answer session will be held before the AGM in June and umpires will be able to practise during the Men's league, which starts in July. 

Badged umpires will meet prior to the start of the Men's League to have a more in-depth discussion. Venue and date tbc. 

A practical session will be held on a Monday in September before the start of the 2016-17 season for demonstration games with voluntary players and umpires to practise the new rules. Again date and venue tbc. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 

Kind regards, 
Jenny Chadwick 
Umpire Convener 



Hong Kong Netball Association is providing the best quality of umpiring possible. To do this, we are seeking recommendations for your members who would like to complete their badges from D to A's. Any member who is nominated will be supported by a Badged umpire for 3 to 6 months while they umpire the badge level that they are going to be tested for. Once the support deems a person ready a Badging Review Panel will be organised to assess.

We would like smaller clubs to consider nominating at least 1 person and larger clubs of at least 3 or more teams the equivalent of 1 umpire per every 2 teams registered.  We would like all nominations in by Friday 7th November. Click on the links below for the prerequisites for each of the badges.  Please forward all nominations to and cc

HKN Umpiring Guidelines:             A BADGE;        B BADGE;            C BADGE;             D BADGE.


Hong Kong Netball Association is dedicated to providing the best quality of umpiring possible. To do this we are opening up nominations for the Umpiring 
Committee. The Umpiring Committee must comprise at least 5 members listed below and a maximum of 10 members in total
HKNA Umpiring Convener (Chairperson)
A Grade Umpire
B Grade Umpire
C Grade Umpire
D Grade Umpire
5 HKNA Badged Umpires
* Meet at least every 1 / 2 months
* To promote and develop umpiring from beginner level to A level.
* To act as a catalyst in giving unity of direction to all matters pertaining to umpiring.
* To formulate policy with regard to all umpiring matters in Hong Kong.
* To establish an ongoing policy with regard to training schemes, development programs and their practical application.
* To enhance the development of umpires through specialist programs for umpires and candidates.
* To be responsible for all matters pertaining to umpiring both nationally and internationally.
* To raise the profile of umpires.
* To raise the profile of umpires through setting and maintaining highest standards or professionalism and presentation.
* To uphold the Official Rules of the Game and work within the umpiring procedures of IFNA.
* Investigate complaints regarding umpiring and report to the Disciplinary Committee where necessary
* Appoint the Grading & Endorsement Panel
We are looking for people at ALL LEVELS to come forward and have their input into developing our umpiring for the future. WE cannot do this without the 
continuous support of volunteers.

If you are interested, please forward your details, including umpiring experience in an email to and cc 
before Friday 7th November.

7 Nov 2014

* Download HK Netball League Approved Umpiring list

Below is the latest updated approved umpires list and a few reminders:
Names in GREEN are good to umpire, however they need to revalidate their qualification by 14/15 season end, should they not do so, they will be required to re-do a whole course

Please note, it is an HKNA requirement for Division 1 umpires to either be badged or have the Umpires Convenor approval.

Names highlighted in red in Division 1 teams are deemed capable and should be used where you know it is a hard or tight game, if in doubt; please do not hesitate to check.

Please also be reminded that anyone under the age of 18 is required to have adult supervision.

Lastly, VERY IMPORTANT, please ensure that all your umpires sign the ‘Sign In’ sheet LEGIBLY as we will not be chasing these up. If we cannot read the name, or an umpire forgets to sign in, you will be fined, points penalised as a no-show.

Independent umpires who are not players must still register as an umpire by completing ‘Form C’ from the HKNA website

Below is a list of those players that are qualified to umpire from respective teams/clubs.

This list will be updated regularly and is listed in alphabetical order.

UPDATED 7/11/14

Australian Netball Club


Francis Li


Rebecca Chan (D)

Joanne Reed – needs revalidating


Fiona Woodhouse – needs validating

Discovery Bay

Black Jacks

Jennifer Buck (C)

Chania Baldwin

Black Pearls

Felicity Broadley (B)

Melanie Potgieter (B)

Kate Basford (D)


Susan Cullen

Barbara Murray

Tracey Murray

Suzanne Chambers- Hatherly

Alex Von Etzdorf

Jolly Rogers

Sherryn Hancock (C)


Renee McCreadie


Flora Leung

ESF Wildcats

Annie In Hee Kang

Heena Kothari

Selina Fawdry



Michelle Kwong (D)

Canetti Chan

Florence Choi

Joyce Ip

Shannon Lee

Ginny Tai – needs validating

Agnes Yuen

Iding Chung



Polly Yu (C)

Monica KK Leung (C)

Anita Yeung (C)

Maggie Mak (D)

Wui Yee Wong

Eden Chan


Carol Chan (B)

Angela Chan (C)

Connie Wong (C)

Justine Chan
Ann Lo

Fiona Lo

Mandy Tai

Hong Kong Cricket Club

Louise Keeping


Emma Gregory (B)

Leith Stewart

Emma Bibby

Joss Williams


Shirley Yuen (D)

Donna Baxter


Hnin Saing

Kirsty Pickett – needs revalidating

Tamara Crosby




Denise Callow (D)

Maryann Chan (D)

Sarah Chillington

Julie Lau

Ann Pearce

Jo Tsui

Lucy Chin

Anna Trunkfield – needs revalidating


Tory Gladstone

Rebekka Mellor

Jess Roberston

Jo O’Reilly

Abi Tannis – needs revalidating

Hong Kong Football Club


Melissa Atkins

Elise Daly

Jessica McCauley

Victoria Smith

Claire Quigley


Deborah Thompson

Yvonne Phelps

Wilma Donnelly

Hayleigh Davies


Frances Hurley (D) – needs revalidating

Dawn Cheng – needs revalidating

Millie Polgiase – needs revalidating

Kristy Stuchbery – needs revalidating

Shona Martin






Michelle Cairns

Eva Chui – needs revalidating

HKIED Forever 21

Tai, Ava Lai Fong (C)

Chan King Ling

Yee Lo Wong

Hong Kong Scottish





Courtney Black

Toni Hayden

Lucy Hui

Helen Hodgkin

Hannah Woollard


Sara Burton

Rosey Hammond

Norena McCready

Lauren Zervos


Ceri Hill

Catherine Keighley

Danika Lee


Katherine Wood

Hong Kong U




Cheung, Kelly Hoi Ting

Wong, Denise Kwun Yin Wong


Phoebe Chong (D)

Annie Lee (D)

Victoria So (D)

Jose Ho

Jocelyn Lo

Rexana Mok

Erica Ying

Tang Ming Tung

Kowloon Netball Club

Kowloon Amethysts





Amanda Barton

Emma Sharrock


Stefanie Nitze – needs revalidating


Suez Lui (D)

Lisa Twinley

Ciara Waller

Katy Riley



Mighty Eagles

Minnie Ho

Julia In


Ruifen Lam (D)

Zacky Ng – needs revalidating



Alda Ng

Ada So


Belle Chan

Katherine Ip

Wendy Choi

Cherry Tsang

Shooter McGavins


Sai Kung Stingrays

Sid Duguid – needs revalidating

Bel Hau

Sam Brown

The Prime

Christabelle Chan Yin Yung

Casey Kwong

Man Ching Kho – needs revalidating







Shammin Azim (C)


Roxanne O’Fee (Div 3 and below)




Alexandra Welch

Yip Yan

Lauren Oxley – needs revalidating


Regina Wong (B)

Florence Shih




Eleanor Stanley (B)

Lisa Martin (C)

Anne Lim (Div 2 and below)

Rachael Wilcock

Rachel Bryant

Tiffany Chiu


Leanne Marland (C)

Krystal Chiu

Laura Ayres

Samantha Lam

Jamie Mok

Siobhan Tarleton


Iris Chan (B)

Francesca Santi (C)

Stephanie Gaylard (D)

Louise Ninness

Dionne Bowden




Jenny Chadwick (A)

Ron Arnold (B)

Gail Forey (B)

Rosanna Wong (B)

Jules Hannaford (B)

Khan Murray (C)

Johnny Rho

Rachel Andrews

Donna Denize-Crowhurst

Tiffany Lo

Daisy Wong

Sandy Laroche

Way Yin Choy (Liz)

            9 August 2014                                               UMPIRING COURSE 2014-15

            HKNA will be running  umpires course in August - November 2014.            

            Download Umpiring Course form:  [WORD]  [PDF]

Course 1 (20 pax)  is FULL!!!!

                            19th August 2014 (Tuesday) – Theory 7-10pm Olympic House

                            4th September 2014 (Thursday) – Practical 7-10pm Aberdeen Outdoors


Course 2 (20 pax) is FULL!!!!

                            7th October 2014 (Tuesday) – Theory 7-10pm Olympic House

                            9th October 2014 (Thursday) – Practical 7-9pm SYSMP (Western Park)

Course 3 (40 pax)
is FULL!!!!

                            21st October 2014 (Tuesday) – Theory 7-10pm Olympic House

                            23rd + 30th October 2014 (Thursday) – Practical 7-9pm SYSMP (Western Park)


Course 4 (40 pax)

                            28th October 2014 (Tuesday) – Theory 7-10pm Olympic House

                            6th + 13th November 2014 (Thursday) – Practical 7-9pm SYSMP (Western Park)

                            (Attendees must be available for BOTH practical sessions)

Deadline for course 4 – 21st October 2014 ( Tuesday )

Course 5 (40 pax)

                            11th November 2014 (Tuesday) – Theory 7-10pm Olympic House

                            20th + 27th November 2014 (Thursday) – Practical 7-9pm SYSMP (Western Park)

                            (Attendees must be available for BOTH practical sessions)

Deadline for course 5 – 4th November 2014 ( Tuesday )

      *All courses will be conducted in ENGLISH (Cantonese support may be available for some courses, TBC)*

Course Fee: $100 per person per course        Fee must be paid with the form to confirm enrolment.

Fees will not be refunded once confirmed or for any absence from the course.

Attendees who do not turn up to the theory or practical parts of the course once confirmed will not be accepted onto any further umpiring courses during the 2014/15 season.

Spaces are available on a First Come First Serve Basis

-For cheque payment please make payable to “Hong Kong Netball Association Limited “ with the form post back to “Rm 1016,Olympic House, 1 Stadium Path, So Kon Po, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong”

-Direct credit payment could also be made to the HKNA Bank account: HSBC 411-811375-001 and send in the payment slip or proof of payment to HKNA


Full attendance is required for attendance certificate and qualification to umpire in the ladies league


Umpires at the 2012 League Awards night.

Umpires play an integral part for the game of netball.  Umpires in Hong Kong can be qualified by attaining badges through HKNA.  For more information, please click on Guidelines for Badging Umpires.  If you would like to become an umpire or would like more information, please contact the association.

Stay tune for upcoming Introductory Umpires Accreditation Certificate (D & C Badges) Courses.

Current umpires sub-committee members

HKNA Umpire Convenor: Veronica Arnold

Name Club
Ron Arnold Independent
Jenny Chadwick Independent/ HKCC
Iris Chan Valley
Gail Forey Independent/ HKCC
Julie Hannaford Valley
Ellie Standley Valley
Rosanna Wong Independent

UMPIRING MERCHANDISE... all in stock now!!! Contact HKNA for more details.

Thunderer Handheld Whistle

HK $200

Metal Whistle $60

Netball Australia U for Umpiring Exam Guide Revised 2009 IFNA approved

HK $90

Netball Singapore Official Rules of Netball 2007 IFNA approved

HK $60


Umpires Bits & Bobs Newsletter - Click on the links to learn more about umpiring.

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