Hong Kong Four Nations Netball Tournament 2019- Hong Kong, Gibraltar, Malaysia and Thailand

Hong Kong Four Nations Netball Tournament 2018 - Hong Kong, Grenada, Ireland and Singapore

Hong Kong Tri-Nations Netball Tournament

16-19 March 2017 at Kowloon Park Sports Centre

Participating Teams: Zimbabwe (Rank 17), Malaysia (Rank 19) and Hong Kong (Rank 26)


19 March FINAL - Zimbabwe defeated Hong Kong 42 to 28

                              Malaysia defeated HK Invitational 59 to 24

18 March: Zimbabwe defeated HK Invitational 72 to 26

                  Hong Kong defeated Malaysia 30 to 26

17 March: Zimbabwe defeated Hong Kong 46 to 30

                  Malaysia defeated HK Invitational 66 to 20

16 March: Hong Kong defeated HK Invitational 64 to 14

                  Zimbabwe defeated Malaysia 52 to 29

            HONG KONG TEAM                                                                          HONG KONG INVITATIONAL



MALAYSIAN TEAM                                                                                       ZIMBABWE TEAM


2015 Tri-Nations

29 January - 1 February

Congratulations to the HK team - winners of the 2015 Tri-Nations Netball Tournament!!!

Photos courtesy to Panda from Takumi Photography

Sports Road HK article: sportsroad.hk/archives/72841.

Winners: HK Open Team

Team's MVP







HK Youth: Jasmine Fung       Chinese TP:                       Thailand:                             Hong Kong: Ann Lo

TRI-NATIONS 2014: 20-23rd February 2014 @ Kowloon Park Sports Centre

1st: Malaysia    2nd: Hong Kong   3rd: Sri Lanka

Hong Kong and Hong Kong Invitational


January 25 - 27 @ Kowloon Park Sports Centre

Planet Netball covered the Tri Nations tournament with reporter Naomi Ng.  For interviews and coverage, please go this link.. http://www.planet-netball.com/events/hong-kong-tri-nations-2013

1st: Malaysia

2nd: Hong Kong

3rd: Thailand

Hong Kong Team for Tri Nations Tournament 2013

2012 Tri Nations - HK, Thailand and Chinese Tai Pei

Photo courtesy of Kukri Sport

CONGRATULATIONS to the Hong Kong Team for winning the inaugural Tri-Nations Tournament after beating Thailand in the final 45 to 25!  Thank you to all the volunteers and supporters who made this tournament such a success. 

SUNDAY 15th January      FINALS  

    Hong Kong 45  vs Thailand 25 (CHAMPIONSHIP GAME)

    Chinese Taipei 46 vs Hong Kong Development 38


      1st Hong Kong

      2nd Thailand

      3rd Chinese Taipei

        During the rounds...

     Thailand 58 vs Chinese Taipei 29

     Hong Kong 60 vs Chinese Tai Pei 22

     Hong Kong 45 vs Thailand 20

Tri-Nations Article...

Hong Kong hosted it's first Tri-Nations International Tournament from Jan 13-15 2012 at Kowloon Park Sports Centre.  HK invited it's Asian neighbours, Thailand and Chinese Taipei to the event in the hope of promoting and developing the National Teams from this region.  These three nations rarely compete in international matches and hence this type of tournament will provide invaluable international exposure as all three teams will be participating in the Asian Open Netball Championships in August 2012 and hopes to be more competitive amongst the top Asian Nations.
 "As netball is still a very unknown sport to many people in HK,  this type of tournament was able promote netball to the HK local community.  The more people know about it, more numbers we will get and hopefully we will then get more support from the government and sponsors.  Hence we can develop the sport even more and be more competitive on the international stage.  A lot of spectators who watched netball for the first time all provided us with positive feedback and expressed how exciting the game was to watch."  Connie Wong (HK Netball Association Technical Manager).
Overall the weekend was a great success for Hong Kong as they went through the tournament undefeated and winning the trophy by beating Thailand in the final 45 to 25.  Chinese Taipei played a Hong Kong Youth Team and won their first game 46 to 38.  HK hopes to host this event annually as this is an important stepping stone to develop our players and officials, and in general to develop the sport to the HK community.