2XU Hong Kong Mixed Netball League 2018



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 Mixed League By Laws 2018

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 Results - Round 1

 Results - Round 2



Calling all Netballers!  Registration for the 2XU Hong Kong Mixed Netball League 2018 is NOW OPEN!


Closing Date: 5pm Monday 9th April 2018


Please note: Registration is limited to a maximum of 40 teams, on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Registration will close once we have received 40 teams.


Apologies for the long email but please take time to read through as there are some important changes regarding the running of the Mixed league this year.


The season will be commencing on Monday 16th April. League games will be played on Monday nights throughout April, May and June at Wong Chuk Hang Outdoor Courts in Aberdeen.  The Semi Finals and Finals will be held at Wong Chuk Hang Outdoor Courts on 11th and 25th June.  Players must have played at least 3 games to qualify for the semis and Final. (note: final dates are subject to change, depending on weather)



-       Teams will be randomly split into 10 pools of 4 and play 3 pool games (round 1)

-       Following this, all teams will be ranked 1-40 based on points and split into 5 divisions, 2 pools in each and play 3 more games (round 2)

-       After round 2 of pool games, the top 2 teams from each pool will make it through to the Semi Finals

-       Winners of these games will make it through to the FINAL.


Teams will be limited to 15 active registrations only during the season, only a maximum of 12 players will be allowed to play in one match.


Submit Team Registration and Payment to HKNA (Form B + Payment). Download Form B


Teams who would like to participate in the 2XU Hong Kong Mixed Netball League 2018 MUST complete the Form B using the attached Excel File and send via email in Excel file format to BOTH hkna@hkolympic.org and emmasharrock31@gmail.com no later than 5pm on 9th April 2018.  Entries will be accepted onto a first-come-first-serve basis and are limited to 40 teams only.


 Registration Fees:

$170 Individual Membership

$500 Team Fee

$300 Team Deposit (Returned after fines at the end of the season to payee)


Team fees must be paid directly to HKNA – we only accept payment via Online Transfer (all bank charges should be paid by transferrer)

To HSBC A/C 411-811375-001 Hong Kong Netball Association Limited

Online Transfer reference MUST be emailed to hkna@hkolympic.org once payment is made.


Individual Membership - $170 x number of players to be transferred to:

HSBC A/C No. 178-768966-001 Hong Kong Netball Association Limited

**Please transfer all individual memberships in one lump sum so it can be easily traced**


Team Deposit - $300 should be paid to HKNA.  This amount will be refunded at the end of the season once fines have been calculated.

Team Deposit should be paid to

HSBC A/C 178-768966-001 Hong Kong Netball Association Limited



**Note: We will only be able to officially accept teams who have completed the payment process.



Please be reminded that each team is required to provide a HKNA qualified umpire for the game before or after they have played. Recommended Umpire Payment per game is $300 - HKNA strongly suggest that you do not pay above this recommended payment.


For help finding umpires or to offer yourself as an umpire, you can use the HKNA Find an Umpire Facebook Group:




Teams will also provide cover for desk duty. There will be fines and loss of points for non-compliance this season.


A Team Captain’s Meeting will be held closer to the start of the season (date TBC).  Each team MUST send 1 representative.  The Schedule for the season will be handed out at the meeting.


If you have any further questions regarding registration or the upcoming season, please let me know.



Thanks and regards,



Emma Sharrock

Mixed League Convenor





Division 1 Cup: WBs & WGs 35 Superfyballers 14
Division 1 Plate: Making Passes 19 Gummy Bear 18
Division 2 Cup: Bye Round 31 Tit for Tat 24
Division 2 Plate: Battlers 25 Black Eyed Peas 13


Top left: Division 1 CUP winners: WBs & WGs

Top Right: Division 1 PLATE winners: Making Passes

Bottom left: Division 2 CUP winners: Bye Round

Bottom right: Division 2 PLATE winners: Battlers

Pics courtesy of Takumi Photography. 

More pics can be found on Takumi Photography and Fotosports.hk facebook pages.  (Links shared by HKNA facebook).


28 July - Mixed league final standings 2014

Congratulations to HKied for winning the Mixed Netball League 2014.  Runners-up: Da Bino. 3rd : WBs & WGs. 4th: Soju Bombs.

Winners: HKIED                                                                                Runners-up: Da Bino


3rd: WBs & WGs                                                4th: Soju Bombs



2013 Mixed League  Results

1st Superflyballers,                                                                                 2nd: Ballbusters,


3rd: WB's & WG's,                                                                                  4th: Deep Impact




2012 Winners: Kukri Ballbusters

2012 Runners-up: WB's & WG's

2012 3rd place: Da Bino

Mixed League Finals 2011 Results

Results prepared by Brooke Menser.

Winners: Physio Central Pretty to Watch             Physio Central (20) beat Tsunami (16) in the final

Other results:

G1 2nd vs G2 2nd : Team Kiwi (18) Regulators (15)

G1 3rd vs G2 3rd : The Mama Sans (18) Free Fall (11)

G1 4th vs G2 4th : Punoose Punami beat HKU by forfeit (HLU)

G1 5th vs G2 5th : LSTSD (15) Dodgy Ghost (14)

G1 6th vs G2 6th : Cricket Club All Stars beat Net Assets by forfeit (Net Assets)

G1 7th vs G2 7th : Missing Mondays (13) Division Phwoar (7)

G1 8th vs G2 8th : The Tsunamis beat Cougars & Cubs by forfeit (Cougars & Cubs)