2018-19 Development School League (DSL)

HKNA will be running a Development School League (DSL) alongside the HKSSF League starting this year. The aim of the DSL is to provide lots of matches under less formal conditions for players who are in the second team of their school and for teams who gets knocked out after the initial round robin matches. 

Schools that have a second team in the same age category can register to play in the DSL straight away.  The matches will be fixtured alongside the HKSSF matches. Only registered teams will play in Phase 1 of the DSL matches. 

In Phase 2 - teams who are knocked out of the HKSSF round robin will join the registered DSL teams in Phase 2 of the league. 

For combined fixtures and results page for HKSSF and DSL A and B Grade: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YcEGK515rxytVPIbdIodbIeVDCSB9hPzAmlJKmIOSWQ/edit?usp=sharing

Wrap up Tournament for A and B Grade - TENTATIVE DATES!

B Grade - Mon 10th Dec 4pm to 6pm WCH

A Grade - Wed 12th Dec 4pm to 6pm WCH

Pre-League Tournament for C grade and Year 7/8 Tournament - TENTATIVE DATES

Pre-League C Grade : Mon 14th Jan 4pm to 6pm WCH

Year 7/8 tournament 1: Wed 16th Jan 4pm to 6pm WCH

School convenors will be asked for their availability for the above tournaments.  The tournaments are more social atmosphere and a fun way to wrap up or prepare the season.

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