July 2013

Congratulations to Carol Chan for being selected to umpire at the 8th Asian Youth Netball Championships in Brunei from 30th June to 7th July 2013.  Carol has umpired the following international games:
2010 Asian Youth Championship @ India
2011 Nations Cup @ Singapore
2012 Asian Netball Championship @ Sri Lanka

May 2010

Congratulations to Grace Yuen from DGS for been awarded with the  BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl Outstanding Athlete Award for Girls Netball 2009/2010. This award was given to a Secondary School athlete who performed the best in their chosen sport.
Each school nominated an athlete from its school and Grace was nominated by DGS.  Grace is the best achiever when compared to other athletes and therefore has been granted the award.  Grace is co-captain of the 2010 HK Youth Netball Team that recently toured to India for the 7th Asian Youth Championships.  She was also a member of the 2009 National Open Team and 2008 National Youth Team.  

July 2010. Congratulations to both Jenny Chadwick (pictured left) and Carol Chan (pictured right) on their selection through IFNA (International Federation of Netball Association) for the upcoming Asian Youth Championship in India.  Jenny will be on the Umpires Panelist, watching, guiding and grading all the umpires at the tournament and Carol will be an umpire herself.  Both are great achievements and representation for Hong Kong, well done ladies.  Click here to learn more about what it takes from Carol ....

Sports Soho magazine interviewed some of the members of HK Youth squad about netball...!

Click here to read the full article...  (Sports Soho Magazine December 2009)

The HKNA Awards Presentation Night was held at Hong Kong Football Club on 25th June 2010. Congratulations to the following winners and recipients:

2010 Premiers Grand Finals MVPs :
Division 1: Valley Panthers Katie Bradstock (Valley Panthers)
Division 2: Allied Pickfords Koalas Joanne O'Reilly (HKCC Pheonix)
Division 3: Allied Pickfords Redbacks Ingrid Kirke (AP Redbacks)
Division 4: Valley Jaguars Yvonne Lee (Shimmer)
Thanks Coach Awards:

1. Ms Karin Looram (nominated by HKFC)

2. Mr Ka Chun Wong (nominated by KTGSS and HKUGA)

3. Miss Connie Wong (nominated by DGS and HK Youth Squad)

4. Mrs Anna Yuen (nominated by DGS)

5. Miss Katie Bradstock (nominated by Valley Netball)

6. Miss Carol Chan (nominated by OLRC)

7. Ms Barbara Murray (nominated by D B Pirates Black Pearls & Jolly Rogers)

8. Ms Anne Noonan (nominated by HKCC Nettas)

9. Ms Maggie Brownless (nominated by HKCC)

10. Ms Su Fenwick (nominated by HKCC)

11. Ms Veronica Arnold (nominated by HKCC)

12. Miss Anita Yeung (nominated by HKIED)

13. Ms Jo Reed (nominated by The Australian Association)

14. Jenny Chadwick (nominated by HKCC)

Umpire Awards

Congratulations to the following umpires on obtaining their umpiring badge:

Shirley Yuen (D)

Katie Keanley (D)

Janet Mackett (C)

Ryan Cheung (C)

Polly Yu (C)

Michelle Cowan (C)

Congratulations to the following umpires who umpired in the semi-finals and finals:
1. Veronica Arnold

2. Carol Chan
3. Iris Chan
4. Ryan Chan
5. Sherryn Hancock
6. Julie Hannaford
7. Karin Looram
8. Janet Mackett
9. Mel Potgieter
10. Rachel Rogers
11. Regina Wong
12. Rosanna Wong
13. Anita Yeung
14. Polly Yu

Congratulations to Anna Chadwick of King George Vth School for receiving the BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl Award for 2008-2009.  Anna received the award for being the outstanding athlete in netball.  She was in the Hong Kong Youth Team in 2008 and now is part of the Hong Kong Open team who is competing in Malaysia for the 7th Asian Open Netball Championships.

Anna Chadwick